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I have type 2 since I remember myself. Now I'm 32 and I take Gliclazide to control my blood sugar. Of course it is not really pleasant to find out at an early age that you have a disease that is unlikely to be treated completely, especially when it is diabetes that could be life-threatening if not taken proper care of. But what can be done? It's hereditary. I could only reassure myself that my mother had the same problems and at her time there were less effective meds. And in spite of all she had a long and interesting life and now enjoys being a happy mother, grandmother and beloved wife. At first it was really difficult for me to cope with all those shots, pills and fainting in case of a forgotten dosage. Then I gradually learned how to stay alive and not to affect the quality of my life. With Gliclazide it is especially easy, but I have been on it only during the latest year and a half. Before I had a long list of meds that were either not effective enough or caused additional problems like diarrhea, fatigue, shaking or weight gain. The tests show that Gliclazide allows me to have blood sugar levels close to normal with minimal efforts - I just take the med once a day. This medication is among my favorite ones - best effectiveness and least side effects. I have also told about Gliclazide to a friend of mine whose diagnosis is the same and she also consulted with her doctor about switching to this medication. And he approved. She is also pleased with the way Gliclazide makes the life of diabetes sufferers easier and more enjoyable.

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I am 57 years of age and I have been diagnosed with diabetes type 2 when I was 23. Since that time I have been constantly struggling with the disease for my life and my right to live it the way I like. As any other serious disease diabetes imposes a lot of changes and restrictions on a person. You have to learn eat in a new way, plan your day taking into account your diagnosis, chose work in accordance with your physical abilities and condition. And an effective medication could be a real blessing that takes away some of the restrictions making you feel normal again. I want to tell you about my experience with Gliclazide pills. This medication helped me a lot in controlling my eating. It consequently helped me lose the extra weight I gained when on other diabetes type 2 meds and it is also very effective at bringing my blood sugar down without dropping it to low at the same time. It is a great solution. Cause some diabetes meds are not effective at all, while others can drop your sugar level too low and you'll have to eat candies to bring it back. With Gliclazide I am confident in my medical treatment. This medication is exactly what I have been looking for. There are so many drugs for diabetes sufferers on the market today that it takes years to find a medication that will be good for you, without side effects, without complications. For me Gliclazide is ideal and my doctor is also very happy with the way it stabilizes my blood sugars.

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