Royal Assassin
Male Nephilim, born don't know
Known as: none
Faction: The Shadow Court
Occupation: Royal Assassin
Location: nowhere
Playby: doesn't have one
Appeared age: 25
Height: 6'4"
Build: wiry
Hair: can change at will, mostly shoulder length
Eyes: green, sometimes they glow
Clothing preference: dark clothes usually actually made up of shadows. suits, long coats, cloaks, any and all of these.
Personality: Lighthearted, mischevious. Can be quick to anger, but generally isn't. Very dramatic
Motivator(s): Jaquelyn is his north
Fears: losing Jaquelyn, his father, something destroying the shadow court
Habits: lounging in trees and rafters reading, playing tricks on the staff, guarding Jaquelyn when he doesn't need to
Religion: atheist
Abilities: can manipulate and control shadows and make them solid, drinks vampire blood, is very fast, some supernatural strength, regeneration faster than a human, but less than a vampire
Skills: stealth, general weapons training, tracking, acrobatics
Weaknesses: too much light renders his powers limited to things he can keep physically on his person, though enough light would eliminate those as well
Equipment: pipe, book. maybe a pair of knives, but he can form weapons out of shadow generally, so it's not common
Family: Demon father - banished from this plane
Ilnezar - shapeshifting brother, they hate each other
Relationships: Jaquelyn - lover and boss to Barbazul
Education: spotty, can read and write, but mostly just how to kill things
History: Was tortured and experimented on by demon father, who also shoved several demons inside of Barbazul. This experimentation led to him being able to, and needing to drink vampire blood. Desperate, Barbazul and Ilnezar sent a letter to the leader of the Shadow Court, which led to her leading a raiding party that managed to banish demon father from the plane. Barbazul has worked for Jaquelyn ever since.
RP sample: Barbazul started towards the north-facing tower, to the door that would ultimately lead to his target, but Gual put a calloused hand on his shoulder. Puzzled, Barbazul turned around. Gual's purely black eyes stared back, and his raspy voice slithered from his throat. “This is your final test. Should you succeed, you’ll be initiated into the Order at the next new moon. I have no doubt you will. You’ve done well. I look forward to working with you in the future as equals.” He was overwhelmed. This was Gual. He was older and more skilled than almost any in the Order, perhaps even stronger than the Grandmaster himself. This man was like unto an angel of death, a blade in the dark that left ruin in its wake. Unable to speak, Barbazul merely nodded and cloaked himself in the blessed night. The time for words was over, and emotions could wait. There was death to be dealt. Wraithlike, he strode into the castle.

Checking that the poison pod was secured to his hand crossbow, Barbazul smiled to himself. This would not be a pleasant death. First, a wave of dizziness and disorientation would wash over him, quickly followed by paralysis of the tongue and a slow, inexorable tightening of the chest muscles until he finally suffocated. It wouldn't matter where he was shot; one puncture and the king was a dead man. They had thoroughly gone over the plans of the castle, and Barbazul found the king’s bedchamber easily, where he was disgusted by the lack of guards; this job wasn't even remotely challenging.

Silently he opened the door and entered. The king was asleep on his bed, covers askew. He and his wife were sleeping separately, due to a recent spat orchestrated by the queen, one of Barbazul's employers. He raised the crossbow, adjusted the poison pod, and without a second thought squeezed off the shot, impaling the king's overlarge exposed chest, poison pod exploding under his skin. Gasping, the king awoke, tears of pain leaking out of his eyes. Barbazul turned around and walked away; there was no point in watching. The king was dead. He just didn't know it yet.
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